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Corrupted/damaged files...

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I am a Spotlight/RenderWorks user. Since upgrading to 10.5.1b I am noticing corrupted/damaged files. I?m sorry I can?t be too scientific about cause and effect but it has only started happening since upgrading to 10.5.1b. I am running 2 machines a Dual 1Ghz desktop with 1.5Ghz of RAM and a 12? G4 867 Laptop with 640MB of RAM.

The first time I noticed it I had opened a file, created on the desktop, on the laptop (which was still running VW10.1.2 on Panther) and it would continually crash VW. I thought it was because I had not done the 10.5.1b upgrade even though I had been using other files in Panther running 10.1.2 on the laptop quite successfully.

Anyway, the file I was using as my ?symbol library? file was corrupted too (also discovered on the laptop), and a file I opened today (only ever used on the desktop) was damaged and most of the information was gone.

I often synchronise files with a shareware product called Revival.

I sent the crash report to Apple, I don?t know what they do with these reports, or if they forward them to Nemetschek

Can anyone else say they have had a similar experience or know what I am doing wrong? Does anyone know of a fix. I would be happy to send the corrupted files to Nemetschek if you give me an address to send it to.

It?s cost me a heap of time, and I?m getting terrified to open untouched files.

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