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an average file size of an architectural model in vw


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hi guys,

as i've not encountered anything of that size in my own practice, can anybody report on a possible / usual / average file size of the architectural contribution for a 40'000 msq residential or office usage edifice?

i know it depends on many factors, as i mean the delivery (final) status of the model.

thanks for any hint.


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yes, i know, but i discuss the issue with revit users willing to switch to vectorworks. 

they ask about the size because revit files tend to grow big, especially when all branches include, and not easy to navigate. so maybe there is some revit-vectorworks file sizes' comparison?


maybe somebody has experience with such project size (30'000 - 40'000 msq, i believe it's some 300'000 to 400'000 sq ft.)?

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Talk to them about cost. File size is definitely a user issue. Someone will paste a few large images in and shrink them down and wonder why their fill size has blown out of proportion. Are you sticking to 2D or going to 3D with textures, Textures are images and can push a file size up also. Still be interesting to see the file size of a large project thats run well.

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alan, thanks for your thoughts.

we have been talking about everything, cost being the reason they want to consider other software at all. but one of the issues is the file size, and thus their question.

i'd like to know myself which file size is still operable in vectorworks, and how the 40'000 m sq project looks like in regard of the model size.

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