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Network gives conflicting results


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Hi Alan


I also saw that in other PIO Scripts. The Planar Boolean returns the "tool"- object to the Extrude Node. vs.Marionette_DisposeObj(tool) deletes that object at the very end of procedure. And then it's too late, because it was "eated" by the extrude node?


Could be "hacked somehow like this":

                elif self.Params.op.value == 1:                    
                    newObj = vs.ClipSurfaceN(blank, tool) # blank and tool won't be deleted after this operation
                    if newObj != vs.Handle(0) and newObj != None and newObj != tool:
                        blank = newObj

Or with a Marionette Node:



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This came about from a question about how to wrap an image around a wall panel and i thought it could be automated with Marionette. The result so far. The network creates a wall panel of desired size and attaches a chosen image. The image size needs to match the wall size so there is no guessing. See it this helps speed up you work flow. Watch the video because you will find the images keep changing as its an issue that needs to be resolved. To lock the images in by hitting  Ctl K on the Marionette object and it becomes a group and wont change. Keep a copy of the object and reuse it to create more. Always keep the original

Refer video on my Youtube channel "Alan Woodwell"




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