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Standard Views added perspective problem

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Hi everyone,


When i pick the standard view options such as front view, right or even the isometric view options, somehow i get always a perspective effect.

I mean i cannot get a real flat front view. its like i look at my object with a wide angle camera or my walls are not straight for the isometric views due to the perspective.

Even though i looked around the menus, unfortunately i couldn't be able to find a solution on this matter.


Thanks in advance


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It's possible you have your default projection set to a Perspective, you can set it back to Orthogonal:




This setting can also be found under Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D in dropdown menus. If you created any saved views with perspective however, you will have to update them with the correct projection or any time you activate them they will take you back to a distorted perspective again.

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I actually already tried to change the perpective option to the 'orthogonal' but the thing is  i did not update the view from 3D to 2D as you explained.

So, my problem has been solved.


Thank you for your quick responds and helps.



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The options you have been provided should keep the view from switching to Perspective the NEXT time you switch from Top/Plan to a 3D view.


If you are already in a Perspective view, you can change it from the View menu, Projection options or from the Projection pull down in the View Bar.


If you have Saved Views, you will have to recreate them. I can't find a way to edit the Projection setting in an already existing Saved View. Just enable the view, change the Projection and Save it again with the same name saying yes to Replacing.


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