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Keynote Legend Omitting Notes

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All our jobs use callout notes with one keynote legend.

On a job I had added a new note, and as such drew a manual revision cloud around it.

Days later I went back and noticed that the revision cloud no longer lined up with any text.

It made me curious as to what note was missing.

Upon opening a PDF I had generated I could see it was the new note I had added days before.

Assuming I had altered the callout incorrectly I went into the job and checked it was in fact set to include as a keynote on that same legend.

I then went back to legend, updated, sorted, removed gaps etc. Still didn't show.

Got a few extra staff to check that it wasn't just my eyes.

A member of staff pointed out that if you untick the "break text across columns" it will intermittently omit notes.

I thought this can't be right, pretty dangerous move to have notes omitted simply by choosing whether or not to split notes across columns.


Sure enough I ticked it, updated and that note plus others reappeared. Now to play the game of spot the difference to see what notes had also been omitted before.


I hate to think what other settings might cause presented information to be removed from our plans.


Do I dare ask if this is working as intended or a bug?



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Hi @Josh NZ


By my reckoning this is a bug. IF this is still occurring after updating to SP4, please either submit this as a bug or send me the file exhibiting this problem (saved with the Keynote Legend in-view) and if I can recreate the symptoms I'll submit it as a bug. 




You could post this on the Troubleshooting forum... (where it might get more attention) 


Use the Bug Submit page - to submit directly to Vectorworks software engineers. 

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