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Convert to Lines Dialogue Box Missing / Reset preferences

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Hello guys,


Hope someone can help - I'm having a frustrating time with the 'convert to lines' function. 


I am cutting a section through a model and rendering the section as hidden line with the intention of extracting the lines using 'Convert to Lines'. After I select this it usually asked me if I wanted to render with wireframe or hidden line, I accidentally pressed wireframe and checked the box that said something along the lines of 'don't ask me again'.




I need to extract this as hidden line but I can't find any way to reset this setting? It is really beginning to bother me and disrupt my workflow!


Much appreciated,



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Vectorworks Preferences, Session Tab. Button Labeled Reset Saved Settings.


As of right now, this button resets all of the saves settings so you will have to re-answer the questions for all dialog boxes until you check the Don't Ask Again box.


Hopefully in the future we will get a list and be able to select the saved settings to reset as additional preferences.

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Thanks Pat - I've reset everything - it hasn't solved the underlying issue..


I'm working in Viewport trying to get the section cut to maintain its hidden line render (without additional lines that would otherwise be hidden). Perhaps I am remembering it wrong but I was expecting the converted linework to stay in hidden line view? It is reverting to wireframe.


The pop up box is still there if I do it in a design layer..


Thanks again,



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When I test it here, Convert to Lines gives me the Hidden Line representation converted to line segments as expected. Convert to Polygons gives me the wireframe version instead.



If you can post an example file where this isn't working for you I can take a look.

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Jimbo, there is a legacy tool called "Cut 2D Section."  It will automatically create lines along any section take through a 3d object.  Make sure if the objects are on separate layers that your layer mode is "Show, snap, modify others".  If you don't see that tool in your workspace, you can add it via the workspace editor.

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