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Vectorworks now highly unstable

Jon Howard


We have six VW seats in our office, and are all finding VW 2017 is becoming very unstable. I am having repeated crashes on my laptop (MacBook Pro running 10.12.3) & iMac (10.12.1). There seems to be no obvious function being used that causes the crash, just a sudden failure, and other users int he office are reporting similar sudden crashes.


Also we are having extreme problems with the Object Info palette across all users:


- Object Info palette disappears from the screen, even though it is still ticked in the Palettes menu. Unselecting & resecting it does not cause it to reappear. The solution is to quit the problem & restart, leading to several minutes of lost work time as the program restarts.

- Object info palette minimises to just the top window bar & cannot be expanded again. There seems to be NO solution to this one.

- Object info data disappears (boxes are empty of all object information) & the only way to solve this is to save the drawing, which causes the boxes to re-populate with the information.


These repeated problems are making us very nervous about using VW with some of the larger BIM projects we are about to start work on. Is this instability something that is known about?



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Given multiple computers exhibiting problems this may be a bit above my pay grade but I noticed you are using VW 2014. What OS are you using? Is it the same on all the office computers? If you are using OS 10.12 Sierra I believe VW does not officially support VW 2014 with Sierra.


 In case your signature is not up-to-date and you are using VW2017: Try the option in VW Preferences > Display > Navigation Graphics to select a level of compatibility. I use the second option "good performance & compatibility" on my similarly spec'd iMac. Seems to keep odd graphic behavior to a minimum.


I'm sure others will pipe in.



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