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"DIALOG" doors??



I've received a file from a firm who uses vectorworks,  normally this means we're able to use all the proper plugin objects, walls are walls, doors are doors and so on.  But in this file all doors and windows are DIALOG door in wall,  or DIALOG door in window.  Vectorworks seems to know they're doors or windows but all their object properties are grayed out, and attempting to convert them to groups of course converts to whole wall to a group and ruins it.  How can I gain control over these objects?  How can I make them into regular doors and windows?


Here's how it looks when I click on a random door.


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It looks like the person who sent you the file is using a custom door PIO, not the standard VW door.  Unless you get the same PIO, you will not be able to modify the parameters of the door. 


You could changed them to normal VW doors, but you will have to transfer all the data by hand or find someone to write you a script to do the transfer.


I would start with a conversation with the person who supplied you the drawing about the Dialog plugins.

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Terrible, half the plugins in the file are all "DIALOG" versions.  Everything from room labels to doors to windows to elevation marks.  

I'll just convert everything to groups and work as if I was dealing with an imported DWG or something.  Stuff like this open happens when we get filed from firms who also use vectorworks. You'd think it would make things easier but it usually makes it harder.  With some messy imported DWG I can just select all,  change line colour to black and thickness to .05 and it all works.  With a vectorworks though even selecting all and changing the colour won't work on plugin objects for some reason.  I'll have to delete all the defined walls, convert them to unstyled walls,  select them all and edit their components and delete out all the components before it lets me edit them.  So often it's easier to just convert everything to groups or lines in order to make the drawing not a terrible rainbow of thick lines.  


I'd so love some option where you can actually select truly everything in the file and set all line colours and thickness to some standard and have it apply to absolutely everything from a plugin to a symbol to a wall.

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