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Object Info Pallette

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You can't split the palette.

Are you changing the record information on a per symbol instance or changing the record information using the same record data for every symbol with x record attached to it?

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For example, I've got a door reference marker symbol. I've linked some formatted text and use the "Data" pane to change the door numbers in different instances of the symbol. I'm just lazy, I suppose, but I could see myself using this feature (linking text to records in symbols) quite a bit if it was a little more accessible.

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Are you just putting numbers in a box or other shape by/on the door?

If so, you should use the number stamp tool. It might make your life much easier. This tool is not in a workspace by default, but you can add it using the workspace editor.

Also, if you are using VW Architect, there is an ID Label tool that can apply tags or labels to a door, window and other objects that have the corresponding door, window, etc records attached to them.

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You are able to display and modify any information related to any object on your drawing with VS. Dialog Builder can develop a custom dialog interface to use on your script. Thanks to the ability to create plugins and assign them short cuts, you could call your info on a key board stroke, and use the tabs to surf through: no mousing!

I use the records to store non OIP info and be able to use it on scripts, and is working well. Under the "Database/Record" VS class you will found 13 procedures giving you full access to the record formats.

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I'm in the same boat as Vector in Vic. Making them tear-offs so they can both be displayed would be handy. What I'd also like to see is the integration of shape, data and format text, all tear offable, into the object info pallette. This would allow the format text dialogue to remain open. There is also an anomoly in the design of things in that if you use the menu commands (font size etc.), you can format the text when text and other objects are selected (and when text is in a group with other objects). The format text dialogue does not allow this, though it is handy since you can broadly make a change with a simple swoop of a selection. On the other hand if you have a long list of fonts, the format text dialogue will often get you to the fonts quicker due to the window slider.



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