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Vectorworks - Learning 3d Assembly - Task 01

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a gaming GUI where things are fun would eclipse all others 3d information modeling software 






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removed debris from file

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has anyone downloaded the file above an tried the lesson?  i would be interested in hearing or seeing a video of how it went.

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Well, having just now set up my new Space Mouse (wireless) I must say it looks like way more fun than it actually is for the newbie.

Right now I am having trouble determining my Axes based on where I am in the model and where I am looking.

If I am underneath an object and I am looking "up" (based on ground plane) and want to move toward my object, do I want to go up? Down? or In? Out? 

This gets real screwy inside DG's model where the entire screen is the object color.  Maybe a texture or surface hatch could help with orientation?

I am not sure when or if my little pea brain can produce the fluidity of DG's demos.

I'll keep plugging away.  I have set my overall speed to low, all trigger thresholds to moderate and specific mouse speeds to low.

I suppose like most everything, it's a matter of experience.

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bc,  the puck is basically your head (if its set up in walk-thru mode)


picture it as if you had control of a "Ken" doll head instead of a puck


if you want to look up you just tip his head back, look down... tip forward


BUT when you SLIDE (no tipping) then its like walking


slide forward to walk forward etc



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Ouch!  That's it.  You have to be in walkthrough.  Sheesh.

Now things are much better. 

This mouse is great.  Real smooth action.

Anyway I'm ready for the next task !?

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Sorry, no can do.  But I can say that my skill level is "C" at best.  I find myself suddenly off in space at times. I've been at this all of a few hours now.

I find myself wanting to just click drag everything once I am in position instead of freely flying around everywhere as per your video.

Once the construction was completed I ended up deleting a goodly amount of the grey "floor" blocks and creating a "maze" for me to navigate.

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OK be careful what you ask for.  Newbie to Space Mouse, newbie to quicktime.


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