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Hi jc4d,


why not calculate it?


actual_groupSize_x = 2

actual_groupSize_y = 5

targetSize_x = 1

targetSize_y = 3

ratio_x = targetSize_x  / actual_groupSize_x

ratio_y = targetSize_y  / actual_groupSize_y

If the the sub objects get not scaled properly it may not be your fault, scaling groups did not work properly. Don't know if this was fixed yet.





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I will explain a little bit the purpose of my question.

I make many drawings for a house factory and they have their own window representation in floor plan view, and this windows can´t be reproduce it by VW windows tool so I need to make my own library (which I have with too many symbols) but now I would like to make my custom window object using marionette in order to ease my life when the windows sizes changes and my goal is to make this object as less nodes as possible so it doesn´t become a memory hog drawing.




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Thanks for the video, I have check thos already and I couldn´t find an answer for it.

I have created my very own object already long time ago but now it´s time to improve it and reduce the amount of nodes, as you can see here is far from perfect because I´m generating each object separated, but if I use a current geometry and just modify the size this will reduce and simplify the object






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Reducing the Nodes will have no  big effect on the memory. One node weights about 10kB.


What you can do to save memory is to store the network in a 2D symbol. Then insert a instance of this symbol into the Marionette object.

Another advantage is that you can keep all Marionette objects sync without any effort.  (This is shown in Webinar 1:



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12 hours ago, DomC said:

Looks like your object are 2D. So maybe this could be an option?

Complex at first view but you can generate hundreds of different Window-Sizes out of one prototype geometry.



Thank you so much, this is excellent. :D





PS. May I ask couple of questions?

1- Is there a way to "hide" the p Name field from the OIP?

2- I would like to generate a text using the param Dim, I have a setup for it but no luck.


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This Project is one of my first one. The scalability of this network is not so good. So every new Feature, has to made inside the reshape node. 


1. Because the parameter and the dim is collected in the same input node, this is not directly possible. But you can splitt the parameter name and the dim node in two. Just "Unname" the parameter name input node and it will hide. Screenshot attached.



2. The Parameter Inputs returns a List of ('parameterName', DimensionValue)

If you want to input those input Values in other Network (calculations, Text, Record Fields etc.) you have to split those two values. The (GetXY)-Node can do that job (From the Point Node Folder) So you can use this to feed a text node. If you splitt the input in parameter name (string input) and value (dim input) anyway, this will not be necessary.







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