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output of lenght and heigh of an rectangle

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I m searching for a solution to show the lenght and heigh of an rectangle in the drawing.

The golden goal is to set up some measurements in the data of an rectangle or symbol and the data is shown on the drawing and the rectangle gets its new size.

Is that possible?


thanks a lot

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I think you need to give us a better explanation of what you want to do.


You can put associated dimensions on the drawing on any rectangle. If you change the dimension object the rectangle will change.


You can change the rectangle in the Object Info Palette (OIP) and the rectangle will change and the dimensions will as well.


Are you trying to keep the aspect ratio?

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thank you Pat!


I want to use a simple rectancle for any interior stuff in my floorplans. I have different task where I have to make a suggestion for the interior of different rooms (f.e. dentist, shoeshop, cafe, other shops, ....)

And at the very beginning of these projects, I cant draw the interior so exactly. Therefore I want simple rectancles for the space of some cupboards for example, and within this rectangle should be the size like (X/Y).

Because of the huge scale from 1:200 i cannot make dimensions in or outside these objects.

Is there a possibility to set the measurements of an rectancle or the two dimensions (when they are hidden) as an variable?

I find out, that Vectorscripts interfere with the parameters of the Object Info Palette, but I cannot find a script for customizing that.


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Take a look at using a Space objects with simple labels. But I think all you need to do is refer to the Object Info Palette to see the Δx and Δy

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But it would be very nice to have that as an option while you are (2D) mass modeling :)


Pull your rectangles and instantly see result in width+length+area.

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The Space Object with a custom label type can do this right now.


The biggest drawback would be that it does not do "rotated" rectangles very well. You have to draw them as polygons. But you could draw the rectangles and then use the Create Objects From Shapes command (AEC Menu) to make them into Spaces.


If that is not enough, it would not be a hard PlugIn Object to create, but you need to sit down and think about EXACTLY you want the object to do.  What happens when the rectangle is drawing Vertically/Horizontally? What happens if the rectangle is drawn at an angle?  What should happen if the object if rotates or flipped after it is drawn? What size should the text be? Should the font be fixed or changeable? Should the text always be right side up? Or should it rotate with the rectangle? There are probably about 100 other questions and possibilities that should be considered.


For the most basic version it would probably take a couple of hours to write, but you are likely to end up with an object that is almost good enough for almost 70% of the times you need it and you will likely quickly stop using it as it does not work for enough cases. For the more complicated case it would probably take 10-20 hours of a good programmers time to get it completely right.  And if you don't get the specification right the first time and keep coming back and asking for changes 30-50 hours.


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While it may be a bit limiting, the Detail Cut Wood object might give you what you want. You can find it in the Detail toolset. You can type its size in the Object Info palette and it will draw to that size and show its dimensions within the object. The only catch is that it cannot display its size in Feet & Inches. If your document is set to that, it will display in inches. If your using other units, it should use them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 8.54.01 AM.png

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