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Linear Dimension with Different End Markers



I would like to be able to select a single Dimension and override its end markers so that it has different linear markers at each end. For example - a 'Slash' mark at one end and an 'Arrow' at the other.


Currently to do this (as pointed out by Andy Broomell) you have to ungroup a Dimension object (Convert to Group also works), which will result in individual lines and text objects. Then you could then select the line and change one of its markers.


(link to related Troubleshooting thread on this topic)

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Guest Blars

I also have this request.  Has anyone found a way to change the dimensions tick marks?  Seems to be a pretty basic function for a drawing program to have...



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You can change the tick marks by making a custom Dimension. I have one that gives "half" of what I need to indicate Joist/Beam direction. I have an old Wish for a way to make a full Joist Direction marker, BUT they have to be the same at both ends.


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