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Hi everyone,


I just experienced the following issue.


The same file, opended in VW2012 with an "old" mac and opened in VW2017 with a brand new machine.

Why does it take longer on the new machine with the latest hardware?


I mean, the ram is the same both 8GB but in the old it has only 1333MHz and also both have the same cpu

an i5 with 3.2 GHz but also the i5 in the old machine is almost 5 years old...?


How can I improve it, or will it be improved within the servie packs?

How is this even possible...i would realy like to understand it.


All the best and thanks in advance!


Cheers volker

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21 hours ago, JimW said:

Are you rendering on the design layer or in a viewport? Do the machines both have the same screen resolution?

guess i found the answer, in 2012 the renderengine was r8, now in 2017 the r15 is integrated.

therefor it has much more variables to calculate and stuff.


for the test, I was rendering in the design layer.

screen res was the same.


the test was a simple structure of a few, like 4, boxes on a plane.

with same settings and same screen res it took about

4 sec in 2012

6 sec in 2016

7 sec in 2017


same file / same screen / same machine

we have a few pc's for testing purpose where I work.

rendersettings = renderworks

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-28 um 13.12.41.png

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Guest Selin

Correct, the main reason might be that later versions of Renderworks uses the physical renderer instead of the previous (standard) one, which produces more realistic renderings but takes more time. 


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