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Problems importing PDFs



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I do know of an issue where the PDF itself could be the problem.

Not had an issue with VW though. Usually, you'll have an "unsupported shader type" error when importing into Illustrator, but some PDF makers also use unsupported compression type.


I had one file with the unsupported shader error, and when imported into Illustrator and saved the file size was 1.5GB... it might be an out of memory error in VW if it processes it this way.


Simple step is to open it up in Acrobat pro and then resave (try to back save a version or two for maximum compatibility) That usually fixes the PDF ready for VW


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On 2/23/2017 at 6:27 AM, JimW said:

I have not seen that in 2017 at all, no. Could you post one of the PDFs you are able to replicate that issue with? Or does it seem to happen at random and not recur after any specific action?


Here is a file. It couldn't import it. I restarted vwx, and could then import it. The file is tiny, so I don't see how memory is an issue.


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