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Land Surveying

AZ Bryan

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I come from years of using a PC with AutoCad+Softdesk for land surveying applications. Can anyone tell me if this software(Vectorworks or Landmark?) will support surveying applications? Topographic contours, volumes, roadway cross-sections, profiles, stationing, coordinate geometry, curves, display & label bearings on a line....etc. Any advice will help.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'd like to address the list individually:

TOPOGRAPHIC CONTOURS: 2D and 3D contours can be generated from a point-set using the Digital Terraing Modeler in VWA and VWL.

VOLUMES: The Digital Terraing Modeler in VWA and VWL will generate volumes and cut-and-fill volumes.

ROADWAY CROSS-SECTIONS: Not at this time. VWA and VWL include low-speed roadway layout (we do not yet include Klothoide curves) but do not allow variable cross-sections.

PROFILES: The Digital Terraing Modeler in VWA and VWL includes a Site Model Section command that creates a basic profile.

STATIONING: The Digital Terraing Modeler in VWA and VWL includes a "Station Along Polyline" command that creates station points from a polyline laid over a site.

COORDINATE GEOMETRY: Not at this time, although I'd like to talk with you about what COGO features you are specifically looking for.

CURVES: The Property Line tool in VWA/VWL allows placement of arc curves, but (as I say above) we do not support Klothoide curves.

DISPLAY & LABEL BEARINGS ON A LINE: This can be done using the Property Line Tool or the Annotate Segments command in VWA/VWL.

Please feel free to email me directly at randerson@nemetschek.net regarding any features or wishes you have regarding VWL. Thanks!

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