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Link existing text object to create space name?

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Hi All

I'm looking for a method to automate a very time consuming workflow, which I'll try and explain.....  We receive a batch of third party building plans from which we extract the room outline polygons and convert them into Spaces with a 3D volume. The spaces are automatically numbered on creation and we then have to go into each space and updated them manually to match the predefined room number that exists in the third party building plan. Why we need do this is complicated to explain, so I wont try to! But does anyone know of a way of linking existing text that sits within the 2D boundaries of a 'Space' to create the Space number, without manual input?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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I thought that I worked on a script for a similar problem a few years ago, but I can't seem to find any trace of it.


It actually might be easier to work with the name before you convert them to spaces.


The LOC criteria will give you all the objects that are within a given polygon. You could use this in a script to get the textual data into a record attached to the polygon. Then you could use a second script to create the space from the poly and transfer the data from the record to the proper space object fields.


I would try to help more, but I know I will not have time to work on this this week and probably not even next week.

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