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move 2D object difficult

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Originally posted by CipesDesign:

Santino, the first thing to try is VERIFY & REPAIR permissions (found in the DISK UTILITY app, in your utilities folder, in your applications folder). After doing both, which may take a while, restart your machine, then restart VW's. If that doesn't work, call tech support!


Hi Cipes,

I did that and it worked out fine. however, it is not the first time I have to do that. Is this a bug Nemetschek is looking into fixing? it is SUPER annoying...

thank you all for helping

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If you are working on 3d layers you will not be able to snap across layers (page 3-11 VW 10 manual), then if any of your 2D obj is in another 3D layer you will not be able to do anything via the cursor.

Drawing objects like nurbs or using some plugins could set unexpectedly the current layer as 3D : as say above get back on Top/plan (press command+5)

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Repairing permissions on OS 10 is something you should do about once a month as maintenance. It should also be run after new software is installed or after you update a current application to a newer version.

repairing permissions fixes the user account. Often times, installing software will corrupt the user account, causing all kinds of problems.

This is why you should run it after software is installed, or monthly as regular maintenance.

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