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Hidden Line not hiding

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Anyone think of anything that might keep a hidden line rendering from hiding hidden lines? The polygon, Renderworks, and OpenGL renders work fine, so it's nothing as obvious as transparent walls. This is preventing me from doing elevations and 3D sections......on a deadline, unfortunately. Sent file to NNA, but looking for clues here too. Some walls hide stuff behind, others don't and they seem to have all the same attributes. Seems hit and miss. Same with nurbs surfaces...some hide and some don't. Copied objects to a new file, with same results. Stumped on other possible explanations.

Mac OSX 10.2.6; VW 10.5

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Originally posted by Cloud Hidden:

Anyone think of anything that might keep a hidden line rendering from hiding hidden lines?

I'm looking into it, but for your deadline, you may want to try temporarily converting to solids, by subtracting an object from the walls that does not intersect with them, or by duplicating your model, custom-selecting the walls, and adding them together, and see if that gives you a renderable workaround. You can then ungroup the solid when you need to edit your model.

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They are allllllll solid. Individually and collectively. If they weren't, the RW renderings would show them as lines rather than surfaces. Double and triple checked. What's really odd is that from some perspectives it will hidden line fine (Left ISO, for example), but from any of the angles needed for a NSEW elevation or a section, it screws up.

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To add to the mystery, I started a file by adding little bits of the other file and rendering to see if/when it failed to render w/ hidden lines. Found one little ol' 3' wall whose presence or absence made the new file render or not render. Then went to my original and deleted that wall, but the file still didn't render right. Oh well, I tried! Still, I can use the makeshift file for my elevations and sections for now.

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Two walls (of about 30) were messing this all up. Haven't figured out why these two could turn a hidden line render transparent, but that can be an exercise for another day. When I isolated them through a bunch of trial and error, deleted them, and then drew new ones and reset the wall peaks, it all worked fine. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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