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How to set Parameter Visibilities in OIP


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I'm trying to set parameter visibility in the object info panel.


In the old vector script I would retrieve the custom object information as follows:

result:= GetCustomObjectInfo(objname,oh,rh,wh);

I would then set the visibility of the parameter as follows:



In python I am trying to accomplish the same thing.

I've tried the following:

result = vs.GetCustomObjectInfo(objname,oh,rh,wh)

and then I attempted to set the visibility as follows:

vs.SetParameterVisibility(oh, 'parametername', FALSE)


when i run the script I get the following error:

NameError:  name 'objname' is not defined


Does anyone know how to accomplish this using best practice?






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I have not assigned a value to objname.  I've created a plugin object and I need to reference and object handle to set the visibilities of the parameter.  how do i acquire or assign these?  

I thought using the following:


would have acquired and assigned these for me

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I've eliminated the vs.GetCustomObjectInfo(objname,oh,rh,wh) and just used vs.SetParameterVisibility(handle, 'parametername', FALSE)

I set the object handle to zero

vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'parametername', FALSE)


I want to use a pulldown to set the visibility to true:



if number == "2":

    vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'parametername', True )


but I'm getting the following error:


Error: Invalid callback function parameter type. Parameter index= 0 name=inPlugin

     File "<string>", line 38, in <module>

     File "<string>", line 1, in <module>


below is the actual code:


import vs
import shapes



vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'shape01', False )
vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'shape02', False )
vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'shape03', False )

if number == "2":

    vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'shape01', True )
    vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'shape02', True )

if number == "3":

    vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'shape01', True )
    vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'shape02', True )
    vs.SetParameterVisibility(0, 'shape03', True )





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I should have read the documentation before I asked my question. 'objname' is returned by the function vs.GetCustomObjectInfo().


However, in Python, all returned variables must be to the left of the equal sign. Try this:


result, objname, oh, rh, wh = vs.GetCustomObjectInfo()


then use the handle "oh" in your vs.SetParameterVisibility() calls.




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