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Accidentally Deleted Ceiling-Main Class

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I've accidentally deleted a class related to the door tool, specifically the Ceiling-Main class.

It appears that this class is automatically generated after the first use of the door tool to control the visibility of overhead lines for RCP creation.


It seems that deleting this class messes up the whole door tool since I can no longer toggle the overhead lines off.

I expected the door tool to automatically generate the class once again, but it doesn't do that.

I've already tried creating a new file and importing the exact class back into my file, but that doesn't do anything either.

I want to know If I can somehow recreate this Ceiling-Main class to avoid starting over with a fresh file.




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Oh that's right. It seems like I mapped it to a layer called "None". However, I've also deleted the Sills layer and have reassigned it to the same layer called "None".

So shutting this None layer hides the entire door. Is there still a way to separate these once again? 


Thanks for the quick reply.


Also I am on Vectorworks 2015

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If it was mapped to None then I am not sure of the best solution, if it were mapped to any other class than None you could make sure all other objects were moved out of that class, recreate ceiling-main manually then delete the mapped class and redirect the components to ceiling-main, but None is not a class you are allowed to delete. I'll check with a few others here, but that isn't one I can remember running into before, apologies.

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@AlexS in Support I think had the cleanest fix:


1) Recreate the Ceiling-main class in the affected document manually.

2) Use Custom Select or Select Similar to select all Door objects.

3) Click Settings in the OIP and under 2D Visualization, set the visibility to be controlled by Class and then next to Wall Lines, select Ceiling-main.


This seemed to bring it back to normal in a test document here.

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If you have a lot of doors you are working with, this can probably be done through a worksheet also.


Create a database row with a criteria of Record Door is Present.


Enter the following formulas into the database header rows cells.










If you put then in the order above, the first column should be Sills; the second Ceiling-Main; the third NonPlot; the fourth Ceiling-Overhead.


If you type the desired class name into one cell and copy it, you can then do a multiple selection of the other doors and Paste and it will fill in all of them at the same time.


You could also create the worksheet database using the Tools:Reports:Create Report, but that is harder to explain in text.

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