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Marionette Pool

Josh NZ


Not sure if someone can point out where I have gone wrong.

I have tried to create a pool using the marionette.

Have an extrude along path which creates the four walls.

Have an extrude which creates the base of the pool.

Have another extrude which will be the water (set down from the top of the pool edges).


When I run exit I get a Marionette Execution Error, when I click on select node nothing selects.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Thanks for that Alan, it was actually your "fast cabinet" that I used as the basis for the pool.

Was quite handy to be able see how it all works.

I am having trouble with the origin part and the texture par thou.

Ive had a look at the videos on youtube but can't quite find the right info.

With the origin, I am finding that if I'm say in the view as shown above "right isometric?", then change the height or any other dimension, the objects become split and no longer on top of each other.

With the texture I have tried adding the texture node, select a texture then link to the obj end of the object but I get an error come up.


Do you of any videos or links that have more info on this?


Thanks in advance.

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