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Best methods for removing unwanted lines in elevations & sections

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Elevations and sections, generated from a 3d model, inevitably include various unwanted lines which can't be fixed by making alterations to the model.


My method for removing these at the moment is to use various masking objects in the annotation of the viewport. I have a couple of "masking" classes which are basically white lines with a thickness a little bit greater than what I want to hide.


This sort-of works but is far from ideal. It's time consuming to edit and it's not possible to make it completely tidy; it's never quite right at the ends of the lines. And when I export to PDF sometimes there's a kind of shadow of the line that's supposed to be blanked out.


As far as I am aware there's no "official" way to do this. I think we are supposed to just pretend it's not an issue. It's not even possible to flatten viewports to make them into dead 2D geometry, which could then be edited (as I was rather surprised to learn).


I have the same issue with floorplans where things get even more messy but let's set that aside for now.


Does anyone have any successful methods for dealing with this?

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37 minutes ago, Resuelvectorworks said:

I also have this problem, but generally is because some of my walls are not aligned neatly one on top of the other...

Sometimes that's the case but there are lots of situations where "fixing" something to look right in elevation messes it up in plan view, and vice versa. Particularly in situations involving walls of different heights meeting each other, for example.

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Ditto LW and rDesign.  For what it's worth, I haven't found any method more expedient than masking.  But it has gotten to the point where I usually use the old 2d Section tool to extract geometry, then compose everything in 2d for sections and for elevations alike.  Unlike Top/Plan view, the idea about having these boilerplate drawings automatically generate from the 3d model has failed.  Due to a lack of resolution of many little details, it all adds up to an unacceptable presentation.  I do find that the background generated from a Section viewport is useful, and can be cleaned up with a few masks.


It strikes me that part of the problem is the lack of an equivalent to the Top/Plan view, where wall components can be properly joined to make for a proper 2d presentation.  We don't have the same graphical interface when it comes to looking at the model from a side or in section.

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