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worksheet/plant legend


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I have a worksheet which is a plant legend made up of records for a number of different plants.  I'd like to separate the legends by category ie Tree, Shrub, Vine, Groundcover etc.  I have the category in the worksheet and can sort, but is there a way to make entirely separate legends for each so I can sort alphabetically within the category?

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Your should be able to edit the criteria for the database (right click in the Database Header 3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc., and choose Edit Criteria. If you don't see the Database header go to the worksheet view menu and check Database Headers)  Add a criteria of 'Plant Record'.'Category' is 'Tree'.  This should get you just the Trees.  You might need to be more specific and use 'Coniferous Tree' or use Contains 'Tree' instead of is.


You should then be able to select the entire database header row and Copy. Select a different row in the worksheet and Paste. This will give you a duplicate of the original schedule. Edit the Criteria to be Shrub instead of Tree.


Repeat for as many categories as you need.


If you need more details, let us know.

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