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3D objects inconveniently moving when I change the view on a viewport

Liz YO




I am setting up quite a few working drawings in sheets.  I have all of my comments I need already drawn up in 3D.  When I go to change the view in the viewport from plan to left, right etc - the object I am trying to capture disappears off into the distance somewhere meaning I have to edit the crop on my viewport.  Sometimes its moved so far I can't even see it.


This is time consuming & frustrating - anyone have any ideas as to how I speed this work flow up?  


Thanks all 



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Normally I go to the Design layer and create the viewports from the views I need directly, I don't bother trying to alter the View setting on viewports since you can often get the problem you're describing if everything isn't perfectly centered in relation to the document origin.


The other way to more cleanly edit the view on an already created viewport is to right click on the viewport on the sheet layer and choose "Edit Camera" then if you alter and recenter your view, when you exit the editing mode it will display the new view, even if you didn't actually use a Renderworks Camera to create the viewport in the first place.

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