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Adjusting Palette Width under 10.5

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I recently upgraded version 10.1 to 10.5 One of the first things I noticed (annoyingly) is that my saved workspaces were lost. In trying to create new workspaces (through the workspace editor) I no longer see the option to set the palette width. As a result all my docked palettes cannot be changed from 1-column width. I would like to regain the ability to set docked palettes to 2-column width. Anyone else encountered this problem and more importantly has a fix?

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Originally posted by Bryan:

Its In the File Menu under Workspace Editor in the tab window "Tools" in the upper right corner. You can make them in several differnt number of columns.

Sorry Bryan, but that is exactly the problem! I've already been there but can't do that. Before upgrading, the workspace editor gave me the option you describe. Now after upgrading the checkbox just isn't there!! There is nothing in the workspace editor that will allow such a change.

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Maybe it is a Mac OS vs. Windows thing, because I just checked on VW 10.5.0 running on Mac OS 10.2.8 and in the workspace editor, there is and editable "width" field in th upper right corner of the window when in the "Tools" tab.

Entering a number here will change the width of the palette just as it always has. Dragging the corner of the palette does nothing. My system works just like Bryan's.

Are you other guys on PC's maybe?

Regards, Peter

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Its In the File Menu under Workspace Editor in the tab window "Tools" in the upper right corner. You can make them in several differnt number of columns.

I've forgotten several times to remove my saved workspaces before upgrading. You have to remove them from your VW application folder, load the updgrade and then darg them back.

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Seems as though my problem isn't being understood fully, so I uploaded a screen shot of the workspace editor on the internet at http://www.geocities.com/sforde2000/vectorworksscreen.jpg

If you look at the picture you will see the "tools" tab has been selected. Normally you would have a checkbox entitled "Width" next to the preview allowing the adjustment of palette width. (see pg 690 on the User Guide pdf). This is no longer there (the picture posted has not been modified in any way).

You would also notice that the toolbars on the left that are already docked are only one (1) column wide. I have tried 'dragging' them about to resize but to no avail. Resizing by dragging only is possible once the palette is UNDOCKED.

Hope this clarifies the problem.

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