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Easily Remove Criteria from Database Header



It would be nice to have the option to delete a particular criteria choice within a database header rather than just using the "Fewer Choices" to eliminate just the last (bottom) criteria choice. The current methodology for eliminating criteria at the top of the list is cumbersome if you want a clean list of criteria, free from "All Object" choices. I've had criteria that are more than 10 lines long and eliminating the first, third, and seventh lines is impossible without assigning a "All Objects" choice to it.


I see two options for fixing this.

      1. Consider an interface with + and - buttons for each line instead of the "More Choices" and "Fewer Choices" buttons.


     2. The second option would be, when changing a criteria to "All Objects", the list reorganizes to put those choices at the bottom of the list. The user could then use the "Fewer Choices" button to remove the unwanted lines.

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11 hours ago, michaelk said:



There is a workaround:  Click cancel.  Then in the menu bar you will see the non GUI database criteria:  (L='HARDSCAPE-PUBLIC"), etc.  You can delete it and the ampersand before it.



Good workaround, thanks Michael! Even though I kinda hate workarounds, this actually seems like the best way to clean up the criteria with the current functionality.



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