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Camera Match Mask trouble



I've been trying out Camera Match on a small project I'm dealing with at the moment. The alignment tools are working very well - see my first attachment. However, I do seem to be having a problem using the Camera Match Mask. Drawing it is straightforward, but the resulting clip of overlaid photo is smaller than the section it's masking, and it's also displaced. I can kind of sort it out by converting the mask to a clone, scaling it by a factor of 1.2 and shifting the result, but this surely cannot be right.


Does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong (or is this a bug)?






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If you mean have I adjusted the vanishing points and the target to get the drawn objects to match the photo then - yes. I haven't changed anything in this respect for some time, and certainly not subsequent to adding the mask.


I did change the size of the image a couple of times early on and then "Set view to match" as necessary. This was also well before I added the mask. Perhaps this has confused Camera Match? 

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I have now made a new view, using a different image. This time I didn't scale it and the Camera Match Mask seems to be behaving itself.


Strangely however, I now cannot get the image crop to work. You can see in the attached image that the crop is working up to a point, in that the area outside is fainter and the Camera Match guides are visible, but surely this should actually not be seen at all?


Any thoughts?


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For Camera match its a little trickier when your in the viewport annotations make sure that you have 'Clip Photo to Viewport crop" selected. The crop is drawn in the "crop" of the viewport.  The box for the Clip photo is show when your in the annotations part of the viewport. 


Normally any pdf or image can be cropped by double clicking or right click>crop and draw a rectangle or whatever shape you need as the crop.  

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.49.23 AM.png

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Thank you for your help, HE. "Clip Photo to Viewport Crop" worked (although it didn't clip properly until I closed and re-opened the file). For what it's worth, I also had to switch off the control lines ("Show Control Lines") to stop them appearing outside the borders of the crop.



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