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Does anyone know if its possible to create a custom title block with a record field that draws information from the stacking order (as viewed in the sheet layers window) of the sheets so they can be listed as numbered separately from the 'sheet number' record? See screenshot. I want to generate a worksheet that is able to refresh this info as sheets get added to the file. Example:

  • A.1 -  First floor -      1 of 3
  • A.2 - Second floor - 2 of 3
  • A.3 - Third floor -     3 of 3



Screenshot 2017-02-02 11.13.49.png

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I do not think this is possible.  I could be wrong, but I do not think the stacking order number is a record that is attached to the sheet border.  It would be great if it was.  The best I have been able to do is create a project field for the total number of the X of X - then manually type in the sheet number when I do a release - page by page.   The only benefit of that is that I commonly have pages in progress that are not going out with a particular set - so this allows me to skip those and keep the numbering correct.... most of the time - where as if it was linked - those in progress pages would have to live out of sequence.  


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Not going to happen automatically. It MIGHT be possible to create a script that would update a Record.Field attached to a drawing border with the current stack number. But this means that to keep thing correct you would have to remember to rerun the script every time you changed the stacking order.


If that would be an acceptable solution I will try to find some time to see if I can get the required information on the stacking order. The rest of the script is pretty easy.

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