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Workspace from 2016 - 2017



I had a workspace in 2016 created for me via a training course. have recently update to 2017 and for some reason it will not recognise the format of the workspace, have saved this in a 2017 version but still nothing any tips? 


Also not sure if this is just mine but upon closing a draiwng the fundamentals page remain open and have to force quit on the programme to close, any idea why this is happening. 

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Hi Lee, Just had the same problem, and of course the migration wizard was totally useless!


you wont be able to open the workspace as it is a .VWW file and therefore isn't actually a Vectorworks file so to speak. 

In order to use the work space you will need to save a copy of the .VWW file in the same location within Vectorworks 2017, which is simply in the file called 'Workspaces'

once you have it in there quit 2017 then restart it and upon opening a new file you can then go into >TOOLS > Workspaces and you should see it there.

you need to remember that work spaces and templates are different so your shortcuts etc are saved in your workspace whilst your sheet standards etc are saved in your template.


I hope this helps, if not let me know and ill try to re-explain !

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Remember that your 2016 workspace will not have any of the new commands for 2017. You will want to go through and make sure you add the new things you want into your workspace.


Also, if you have a command that ends up greyed out or not working, it is possible that the internal bindings for that command have changed. Try deleting the 2016 version of the command and adding the 2017 version back in to the space place and add the same shortcuts.

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