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Custom Titleblock fonts and auto updating numbers





I have two separate issues. I've created a custom Smart Titleblock by editing a Vectorworks sheet border with our company logo and when I'm editing in 2d - the fonts show as desired but when I exit the symbol, they revert to some generic font. Is there anyway to change this?

ALSO, when Creating Sheet Lists (Or Record Formats), is there anyway to add a record format that automatically creates assigns the Stacking Order of the sheet on the worksheet? I'd like to know what the record format for "stacking order" is.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The issue you are having with the title blocks is a very common one. It has to do with the way you set the attributes on the text when you create it. Please consult the Vectorworks help for the details.

Creating a Custom Title Block

"The title block geometry (pen color, pen style, and line thickness) and text (font, style, and color) can either inherit the sheet border attributes, or retain those attributes as created. The “By Class” setting in the Attributes palette indicates that the attributes should be inherited from the sheet border. If an attribute is not set to “By Class,” then its original setting is retained."

The table in the help explains it more.

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To add on to the above, you specifically want the "Pen Style" of each text object to be set to Solid (rather than Class Style) in order for the text to retain its original font.


Cryptic, for sure.


You're certainly not the first to stumble on this, and I hope Vectorworks comes up with a more elegant and apparent solution to this some day.

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Thank you both!


That solved the fonts issue. Onto the next one:


In NYC when filing a set of drawings the Sheet Number has a specific format (A-100.00 for Architectural sheets for example). This is different than the requirement to number the sheets (3 of 40 for example). I'd need two separate record formats that can refresh information onto a Worksheet to get the maximum functionality out of the sheet borders.


Is this possible?

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