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ImageControl2 - Modern Dialogue

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Greetings all, I'm trying to wrap my head around, showing an image in dialogue.


I see this function call:

def vs.CreateImageControl2(dialogID, controlID, widthInPixels, heightInPixels, imageSpecifier):
    return None

..but can't get it to work. The issue is with the 'imageSpecifier' parameter.


Looking at other posts, https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/41757-2014-script-will-not-run-in-2015/&do=findComment&comment=209508


@klinzey instructed the use of a folder named _some_name.vwr, with your image in there, and use that path for the imageSpecifier. However, what if you want your image structured down the folder channel the same way your plugins are structured. Eg

|-- Roaming
|---- Nemetscheck
|------ Vectorworks
|-------- 2016
|---------- Plugins
|------------ TuiPlugins
|-------------- PluginImages
|----------------| rectange.png
|-------------- Rectangle.vso

full_image_path = "TuiPlugins\PluginImages\rectangle.png"

def CreateDialog():
	-- vs.CreateResizableLayout(etc,etc..)
	-- vs.CreatePullDownMenu(etc,etc..)
	-- vs.CreateEditText(etc,etc..)
	-- vs.CreateImageControl2(dialog, k_image , 200, 200, "{}".format(full_image_path))

can this be done? Or does the folder have to have the .vwr characters appended to it? And can the location of this *.vwr folder be placed further down?


Hope this makes sense :D


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hmm, strange, full path name worked.. just got my seperators wrong, should've used forward slashes(/) instead of backslashes (\)

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