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VW2017 > LW6 address exchange (dmx universe format vs. absolute)

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Is there a way to get VW2017 Spotlight to utilize the same universe/dmx address configuration as LW6?  For example, I will setup the address format in LW using the 2/001 or 2.001 naming convention indicating universe and dmx address within the same record vs. separate text to records for each.  (used to do this with the dimmer record in instrument numbering of Spotlight)  With the data exchange active VW2017 imports that universe/dmx information as absolute addressing (2/001 = 513).  Some plots (my current plot has 25 universes) get quite complex with a great deal of record information associated per fixture.  And depending on fixture orientation readability can get confusing if I have to include the universe and dmx address classes as separate records on the individual fixtures.  

Still working through VW 2017 and LW6 with other issues but those topics will have to wait.  

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