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Kim Vanopstal

Viewport content disappears on sheet, only visible when zooming in and out




I have had this issue happen to me on several occasions, where I place a viewport on a sheet (viewport of just a simple line drawing on the design layer, no symbols or anything fancy, although sometimes it also happens when it's a viewport of a referenced file) and after working on the file for a while all of a sudden the content of the viewport is not visible anymore. It only shows up when I zoom in or out, but disappears when I stop.


It happens completely at random and for several files. I have checked all obvious things, like if all layers and classes are on, etc. I don't think it is a setting that is wrong or if I accidentally gave a wrong command, but more that it is either a bug on my computer or my vectorworks program? I have had someone tell me it might be a problem with the graphic card?






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Hi Kim,


We were having something similar happen to some of our viewports.


We were told to change our settings in Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences, then under Display, set the Navigation Graphics to Good


This seemed to help.


Hope it helps for you too.

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I'm having the exact same problem as described by Kim. I have a 2014 MacBook Air, have not upgraded the graphics card driver since its Apple but this disappearing graphics started soon after I upgraded to vectorworks 18. I changed Navigation to Good but that made no difference. 

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I am having a very similar problem. Right in the middle of my work day on this file. everything on the design layers disappear unless I am zooming.  very weird. I restarted, etc.


The other weird thing is that even in top/plan view my background is green instead of beige.

I must have done something to trigger this. But what?!


Fortunately my backup file was fine...

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