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Camera Match Tool





I'm hoping someone may be able to help...


I am unable to 'place reference' in the design layer for use with the camera match tool. It comes up with a dialog box 'The camera match object must be placed within the annotation space of a Sheet Layer Viewport', all the tutorials suggest placing the reference in the design layer before setting up the image in the annotations layer. 


Where am I going wrong?

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You're close!


The Camera Match Reference goes in the design layer.


The Camera Match Object is a photo you put in the annotation space of an SLVP.  Get to annotations and then  View > Camera Match > Place Camera Match Object.    


Keep at it.  I found this tool a little confusing the first time I used it (I think I bought the last license from Matt before it got folded into 2017)  but once you do it once it becomes much more intuitive.  It's been a huge hit on projects where I've used it.





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I have figured it out!! 


The tools were set up in the wrong location in the workspace which must have confused VW. 


I simply went to >tools >workspaces >edit current workspace , and put the following tools, 'place camera match object' and 'place reference' under the 'view' tab (where it is shown in all the tutorials). This seemed to fix the problem.


Hope that helps anyone who may be having the same problem!

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