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Stage Deck Tool - Xs

Andy Broomell


I really love the Stage Deck tool in 2017 - it's great for quickly laying out Steeldeck, and having the 3D component automatically created.


One thing that I'd love the tool to incorporate is the ability to have an "X" from corner to corner in the Top/Plan view (for rectangular decks). This is a convention many of the people I work with expect, and it'd be nice to have it be part of the Stage Deck tool instead of having to draw them in manually.


The line type, color, and thickness would want to be user-definable, independent of the Stage Deck's attributes.



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I would called them "crossed lines" as per 4.3.2 of the USITT graphic standards document - http://www.dolphin.upenn.edu/pacshop/usitt92.pdf . So in this case it would be Staging>Crossed Lines.


(The USITT document somewhat predates CAD in general, but the standards appear in most textbooks for theatre design. There may be a more modern version of the USITT document as I just did a quick internet search to provide a link.)



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12 minutes ago, Mickey said:

I like this idea, but crossed line could be confusing.

How about "Centering Lines" or "Center Crosses"



I think relating them to the word "centre" is way more confusing. The crosses do not necessarily relate to the centre of irregular platforms. The standard also calls for the lines to be light, solid lines whereas usually "centre" is associated with dot/dash centrelines.



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