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Calculate surface per class?

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I have a model with mass models and a landscape. For the mass model I've made an entire worksheet that gives me a lot of information instantly.

Now I'm trying to find a way to do kind of the same thing for the landscape.

I have made several classes ( private green, public green, water, hard surface,...) all in the same layer (landscape).

I was wondering of it's possible to make a worksheet that gives me in one column the name of the class and in the other column the entire surface of all the polygons in that class?


Thanks in advance!

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What kind of objects do you have in your different classes?


If they are just polygons then what you want is relatively easy. If these instructions are not enough post a small sample file and I will see if I can send you back a working worksheet.


In a blank worksheet, right click in a row header (1 ,2 ,3, etc. I usually start with 3 in case I want to go back and add information above later) and set it to be a Database Row. When the criteria dialog opens, Set the criteria to be Layer Is  landscape and a second Criteria of Type is Polygon.


Select cell A3 and type a formula of =C  This will give you the name of the Class of each object in the database.

Select Cell B3 and type a formula of =Area()  This will give you the area of each object.


Select any row in the database (3.1, 3.2, etc.) and then drag the SUM tile down to the Column A column Header. The database should now compact and you should have one row for each Class. Next to it in column B should be the total area.


Hope this gets you started.

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