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Auto Hybrid Separate Cross Sections

Andy Broomell


When you create a Section Viewport there is a checkbox for "Separate Cross Sections." Why don't Auto Hybrids have this option? They always combine all of the solids into one 2D shape, and it's one of a few factors that cause me to avoid Auto Hybrids. Here's an example where the merging of the various extrudes makes it much less informational. I need to be able to create the upper object with an Auto Hybrid.



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this please!


... and i would like to have a visual and snapable cut area, combined with the option from which direction i want

to see mit auto hybrid object, not always from the top as it is now. sometimes it could be useful to have a auto hybrid view

from the front-, left-, right- or backside.


vw should automatically create classes for the "above" and "behind" lines, if you don't have them in.

vw can create a new class for a cut, why not create new classes by an auto hybrid!?

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