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Object selection and moving without holding mouse.

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Is there a way to select an object as normal with left click. Then when you have selected the item ...release the left mouse button and the selected object will follow the curser. Then when you get to new placement location you can left click and it will drop the item.



I'm basically looking for a mode or way to not have to hold the left button mouse down while moving objects.

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I think for that you will have to look at your mouse options. . I know that I have an option like this set in the driver for my Kensington trackball. It does not appear that this is a built in function on the Mac. There are probably drivers available that will provide this functionality. Search for terms like Click-Lock or Drag-Lock.


Sorry to not be more help.

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Not as elegant but for a two handed, 2 click + 2 shortcut solution:

Copy - Paste

If you click the target point the cut object places at its center, or in the case of a Symbol, Lighting Instrument, PIO etc at the insertion point.

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