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Marking elements as load-bearing and exterior/interior when exporting to .ifc


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I'm working on a BIM project, where I need to include metadata about the objects in the .ifc model. Does anyone have experience with the following metadata?


For walls/slabs/windows/doors, mark whether they are located in the building envelope or internally

In VW wall styles there is a place to define the building envelope (Edit Wall Style > Data > External), but window and door styles do not have this checkbox. When I review the .ifc model, VW seems to export this information-- model objects have a property BuildingEnvelope (true/false). However they do not always correspond what I have defined for the walls, it seems to be assigned autmatically by VW. How can I control this directly?


For walls, mark whether they are load-bearing or not

Inside VW wall styles there is a place for defining whether the wall is load-bearing (Edit Wall Style > Data > Load-Bearing checkbox) and the .ifc model has a property in Pset_WallCommon (LoadBearing). However these two do not correspond, even when I define a wall as non-load-bearing, it sometimes still marks the object LoadBearing=true. How can I controll this directly?




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Looking into it a bit further, both of the properties (LoadBearing and BuildingEnvelope) seem to come from the IFC Data that is attached to the object (Select object > AEC > IFC Data) and I can change the value there to control what gets exported to the .ifc file.


Is there some way to control the IFC data for all these object through a report (or some other way) where I can assign the same data to many object at once? The idea would be to create a report for all walls in classWall-Interior for example and change the BuildingEnvelope to be true for all of them at once.

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