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I've noticed that in 2017 the 'weight' so to speak, of corner or line-end snaps is way higher than the midpoints.  What I mean is that in 2016, I could easily snap to either then end points or the midpoint equally, no matter how far zoomed out I was (within reason of course - able to see all three locations distinctly).  However now in order to snap to a midpoint, I have to zoom in really far to get the cursor to not want to just snap to the endpoints.


This might seem like a little thing, but it really messes with my drawing workflow at times.

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It's a new thing in 2017. It's called master snaps. You can disable it by double clicking object snap tool in the snaps palette.


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A really useful addition to this feature would be the a ability to choose which type of snap is a part of the "master snaps" group. At the moment it is rather limited and like Phil's earlier post, I need to snap to the midpoint of an object. Could there at the very least be a keystroke to toggle the master snaps on/off?

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I understand Master snaps to only snap to master points you explicitly set, like in Wall Styles.

At least at SP0, MS activated gave some strange results where VW snapped to points a bit off

of my rectangles corners on an edge instead all the time.

Could have been Grid Snap ?

Don't think so as the Columns were square, but at that point I deactivated Master Snaps.


Even if that is or was a bug and it will work for special Master Points only,

A key to temporary switch MS off and an explicit Icon in Snap Tool Box is needed.

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