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thinking of upgrading to OS Sierra

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El Cap (10.11.6) here - I don't see any pressing reasons to upgrade.

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I upgraded long time ago.

I don't use any of the new features like Siri so I don't see much change.


Unfortunately some older Software stopped working. And Mail App seems to got worse.

After Service Packs and driver updates the rest of hard and software works fine again.

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I updated to Sierra a few days ago and haven't had any VW issues.


Safari, on the other hand, now requires that I enter the "Local Items" keychain password every single time I open the program and I can't figure out why...

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Go to keychain access and change the passwords so that your login and local items passwords are identical and you should be OK.


You probably created a new account with a different password when you upgraded to Sierra and the Local Items did not get the same password.

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I've been running on Sierra for a few weeks now and haven't had an issue until 10.12.3. When that was installed the operating system was crashing! It would should down and restart and perhaps with our without coincidence I was running VW at the time. I'm running a Mac Pro (Late 2013) with the following. Just be aware this may be an issue. Apple support hadn't heard of there being any issues and hardware as eliminated as the culprit.

Processor Name:    6-Core Intel Xeon E5

  Processor Speed:    3.5 GHz

  Number of Processors:    1

  Total Number of Cores:    6

  L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB

  L3 Cache:    12 MB

  Memory:    32 GB

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15 hours ago, Benjamin Weill said:

Out of curiously, why?


OS upgrades ( clean installs don't have the problem) tend to mess with permissions settings to some extent, sometimes in applications and sometimes in the user folder. Reinstalling resets these to defaults and can avoid a lot of issues.

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ok so i have upgraded to macOS Sierra & reinstalled VW

i seem to have spinning beach balls for everything or maybe its just me.


now i got this message for the first time ever, not doing anything different than i have since i got my mac pro (late 2013)

also, before i upgraded i did a selected sync for my dropbox and have cleared up HD space. now i have 309GB clear 



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ok, so i was also exporting images @ 300 dpi and bringing them into VW.  maybe the rez was to high..have since deleted images for just 2d graphics with fill

things are way better now58ee88c5eeda9_ScreenShot2017-04-12at4_06_05PM.png.a47f7a2e7f45e41b000cd5e00cb2765e.png working much better

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Some students on the german forum with their week macbooks complained about

VW SP3 using more and more RAM over time so that they have to restart VW after a while.


While it may stayed at 4 GB before, it would now increase over time until their 8 GB

RAM is exceeded for the same projects.


My VW needs 1,25 GB, without even any file opened.

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