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review of landmark workshop on irrigation

bob cleaver

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On 2/8/2017 at 9:40 PM, John Oudyk said:

Since day one I've developed my own "workaround" with irrigation.  (I date back to Mac OS 9c; yeah, I know, prehistoric).  I'm still not satisfied with what

s in the program.  then again, maybe I'm missing something.  So, I'm interested!

John, I just noticed this comment, What do you think of the Irrigation now?

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thanks to your lesson Bryan, yes I use the irrigation tool set.   however, i have one recurring problem:  viz  sometimes the "autoconnect" tool does not work.  What gives?

it drives me nuts.   i've reviewed class settings, availability, class options... (all good).   i discovered not to have two irrigation layers, because that seems to confuse VW.  and, of course, i do select the autoconnect option when i want to attach a valve, a mainline, P.O.C., etc.   and yes, it highlights the object i want to connect to.   but right now, nothing lights up, other than the Object Info palette telling me the object is not connected.

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