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REAL Differences between VW 9.5.3 and VW 10?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm in an office of about 10 VW users. I've got everyone up to VW 9.5.3 (running in Mac OS 10.2.6) but I would like to upgrade the office to VW 10.

Almost everyone here draws extremely basically, ie only with lines, using the occasional symbol when they realize they'll be using the same window/door a lot. (I know, it's painfully antiquated, but that's how they insist on working. I am just thankful they are even working with CAD rather than still using pencils.)

I am curious to know if anyone can shed some light on what are _real_ differences between vw 9.5.3 and vw 10.x?

I don't mean fancy-schmany differences like Digital Terrain Modelling or anything 3D really... I'm talking about down and dirty basic stuff, like double-clicking to get into groups/symbols/text to edit them. New/fixed features that they could take advantage of right away without changing the way they draw significantly. Stuff like that. (I'll work on getting them into the Wall Tool and such later.)

I need to know this, from other real world users, because if they don't see the advantages to upgrading, they won't. And frankly I can't blame them. It's fair chunk of money -their money- for all of us to go to VW 10 and 9.5.3 *runs* in OS X, albeit not always so smoothly.

Any and all thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.


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I asked basically the same question some time ago. If you check pages 3-10 or so in this forum, you'll find VW10 complaints. These are more or less what I was after.


As far as real features, I take the same stance as you; my users the same stance as your users. I found in the promo literature only these items:

DWG imports keep associative hatches and solid fills

'Y' wall junctions

Clipping tool accepts multiple objects as simultaneous clippers

Split tool now -- like nearly EVERY other tool -- acts upon only what you've selected

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thanks for the reference link... I'll take a look through the problems people have been having.

As for the 4 things you found in the promo information, those are exactly the kinds of things I am looking for, thanks! Hopefully more will turn up, since they are certainly not going to want to dish out a few thousand dollars for a handful of truly usable improvements.

Anyone else?...

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