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Replace Texture

Andy Broomell


It'd be great to have the ability to replace all instances of a texture in a document with another texture, WITHOUT having to delete the original texture. This would be helpful in the design phase of a project when you're trying out different materials and color schemes, but want to keep your entire palette of options handy in your document. Currently you can only "replace" a texture by deleting it.

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That's definitely one workaround, yes. Having to deal with an additional level of classing can get annoying though, plus it gets complex if you're using more than one texture on an object (i.e. texturing by Part), because only one Part could be "by Class".


Then there's the issue of what to name those classes if you don't know yet what the textures are going to be. "Texture-1", "Texture-2", etc? It gets convoluted.


(Not downplaying your suggestion – it's an approach I use – just providing more evidence as to why the new feature would be useful).

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Ah, you were talking about Materials (called RW Textures).

I first thought it is about image textures.

There I also would like to have more control. Like having image textures available in RM and

be able to for example replace Wood_01. JPG by a Wood_02.JPG, for all Materials using this

in one go.


As I strictly use material assignments by class only, it is not such a problem for me to assign a

different Material to my classes. In theory.

a) that means to set your class order and naming by materials, not classify by objects.

(or at least you will need a combined way like Door_Jamb_Wood)

b) there is no hint in class organization which material is assigned and very tedious to find all

relevant classes.

c) even with such a class order, you can't filter your classes for all that contain "wood"


If you want to replace a material by delete+replace, you currently will have to make a copy of the

former material first.  Same in C4D, while material copy is a simple CMD+drag and replacing a

simple ALT+drag

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On 1/22/2017 at 4:21 PM, Andy Broomell said:

It'd be great to have the ability to replace all instances of a texture in a document with another texture, WITHOUT having to delete the original texture

Duplicate the Existing texture.

Import the New texture (with the same name) from another file and choose Replace the Existing.


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If you already have better suited Materials in your File (could be imported though),

you just go to resource manager, delete SU Materials e.g. Wood 1,

VW asks if you want to replace that Material for assigned Objects,

choose better RW Material Wood XX and confirm,

SU Material gets deleted and all former Objects with SU Material will use new

RW Material.



Means you have to go through all SU Materials but keep the Mat Assignments

for any Objects, including inside of Symbol structures.


Even easier if you have everything assigned by Class.

Choose another Material for the Class(es).

Finally "Purge" unused Materials to clean up your file.

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