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Kevin McAllister

Creating a Loft while inside a Group - Preview Fails


I am seeing some preview issues when creating a loft while inside a group. If I'm in wireframe the preview of the loft fails completely (some lines flash and disappear when I press the preview button) or if I'm in OpenGL I get an unfilled wireframe preview. Working outside a group the loft previews as expected in both wireframe and OpenGL. Can someone else confirm this? Is this a known issue?


(I often use groups to isolate elements for editing in a complex model and many actions that create NURBS also group them....)



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Hi, Kevin - Confirmed all.  Good catch!


Same results for me in combos of several contexts (Attributes set to solid color fill):

•Ortho & Normal Perspective

•OGL, Wireframe (even some fqrw)

•Flyover, Top, Top Plan


While testing grouped and ungrouped, I included a planar object with fill and a 3d surface with fill to indicate whether the view is rendered or wire frame.


Same results every context:

•If elements are not grouped, the preview is a lofted surface with color fill (OGL) or a wireframe (WF "render").

•Inside a group, the wireframe preview causes flashes, but no preview.

•Inside a group, OGL produces a preview with the parametric (?) lines but no color fill




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Hi Benson,

Thanks for confirming. Your testing is thorough as always :D. It looks like it happens when editing/lofting within symbols too. @JimWis this a known issue?


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It doesn't look like it, moving and filing this now.



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