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Culvert in site model?


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I don't think this is possible.  The site model does not allow undercuts or hollow sections of things like pipes, culverts, footings, caves & grottos, etc.  At least as far as I know.


Edit:  "Allow" is wrong word in previous sentence. Culverts, foundations, etc can be placed in the model.  But they are not site modifiers in the sense of affecting the volume/area calcs. Nor do they affect the surface in any way.  They are just objects sharing the space with the site model.


However, the site model does respond to Add/Subtract/Intersect solids commands in the Model menu.  So, a conduit or other 3d object can be subtracted from the site model, leaving a hole through it.  A problem with this method is that the resulting 3d object is a container for the source site model (and the culvert, etc), rather than a modified site model.  Any desired changes to the site model (new contours, pads, etc) have to be made by first entering the edit space of the solid subtraction, then executing mods to the site model. Then back out of the nested edit layers.


Also, the solid subtraction object will need its own texture/color settings.






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I forgot to be specific
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