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Snap to Object difficult on G5

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I don't know if it's related, but check out my thread in 3D solids re. the problems I have been having with snapping NURBS curves consistently- I am also on a G5. A summary:

I have snap to edge points turned on from the constraints palette. When I draw the curve, the "POINT" cue comes on, and the curve I'm drawing appears to snap to the other curve at a vertex. However when I try to create a surface a good portion of the time there will be an error: "surface could not be created from curve network". Usually when I look up good and close, the curves are not intersecting- though the cues were there and made a nice "snap" sound.

When reshaping a vertex, likewise, the points appear to snap together. They show as being in the same position in the object info palette. The points appear exactly coincident, even when I zoom in 50,000% or more.

If I use the NURBS analysis tool to check the intersection, only one 3D locus is placed at the intersection, not 2 as would be if they did not intersect.

But when I select "create surface from curves" from the model menu, I get the message "surface could not be created from curve network".

By only adding one curve at a time, getting a failure, then systematically eliminating intersections with other curves until the surface creation succeeds I can slowly isolate the problem intersections- but snapping the vertexes again does not always succeed. Sometimes it does, and I can add another piece to the surface. But if it doesn't snap right away it does not seem to matter how many times I reposition the vertex with either the "POINT" or "OBJECT" cue showing- the create surface command will fail if that intersection is included. I don't see any difference between the successful and the failed intersections. With a minimum of 170 intersections it's pretty tedious- one failed intersection means redrawing a line with many intersections, any one of which could fail as well.

I'm assuming curves not intersecting is why the Create Surface from Curves fails, but maybe I'm missing something basic here?


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I've had consistent (but unpredictable and unrepeatable) problems with snaps failing to place coincident points.

A common example for me is composing polylines out of other line objects for further extrusion and 3D manipulation.

Frequently the process of, for instance, starting a straight line at the end of an arc using snaps will indicate that the end points have snapped, but fail to do so in fact. Consequently, the compose tool will also fail.

Sometimes "unhooking" the end of one line, moving it away, and then bringing it back will succeed in snapping correctly, sometimes the Combine/connect tool will succeed, sometimes not.

Regardless, the root of the problem *appears* to be the same; the failure of one point to "lock" onto the other.

It would seem to be a bug given others' comparable problems.


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Originally posted by Katie:

Are you using the same document on both computers or are you comparing results with different files?

Have you tried to run Disk Utility First Aid on the G5?


yes I used he same file on both machines. I did run the Repair Permission as suggested in another topic in this forum.

Things seems to run better.

thanks for your help.



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