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Is Vectorbits dead?

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Hi everybody,


since Vectorworks 2017 my 'Vectormove' plugin from the developer 'Vectorbits' is not running anymore.

I tried to contact Manuel via mail, but he hasn't answered yet. His site vectorbits.org is down.

I hope he is doing fine.Does anybody know anything?

I'm very sad, because the Vectormove tool is still much more convenient and more powerful than the built in move+copy tool of Vectorworks.


Kind regards



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VectorMove is quite similar to the built in move+copy tool.

There are some minor differences that make it more convenient for the daily work:

- Shows a silhouette of the copies before you finish the command (like with the built in mirror tool - don't know why Nemetschek isn't implementing this)

- Every time you call the tool it is set to 'move'. No problem with making copies accidentally.

- Though it's very simple to make a copy by just pressing the alt-key while moving.

- With every hit of the alt-key you can increase the number of copies, so you don't have to use a dialog box or enter a number. (with command key you can decrease the number of copies).

I know - this doesn't sound groundbreaking, but I like the approach to streamline the workflows, reduce the necessity to switch between mouse and keyboard etc.

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Last time I checked he was working on the Mac plugins and the Windows version was not in sight, but haven't seen much development in the past two years, which is too bad as some of the tools may have been implemented in  Vectorworks in a similar way, some other tools were really nice to have. As mentioned, it would be nice if Vectorworks could buy them from Manuel if he no longer has time or interest to work on them.

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