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Camera Match 2017

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I have been experimenting with Camera match and so far seems pretty nice.  One thing I have a question about is duplicating objects.  If you model say a tree or shrub, and match it up with the photo for say some landscaping, and then the client wants you to add 10 more trees along say the other side of the building.


Is there a way to duplicate the item once the view is set?  Or does it require modeling everything you would need first?  I was able to go back into the design layer and duplicate the model of the tree again, and it does show up in the camera match and viewport when updated.  Is this the preferred work flow for duplicate objects that may be added after the fact?

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Once the view is set, yes any new items you add should appear in the CM viewport after a viewport update. If the new items are in classes or on layers that aren't visible in the viewport or didn't exist until after the viewport was created they won't appear by default, but if you're duplicating objects that shouldn't happen anyway.

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34 minutes ago, HEengineering said:

Looks like it could be hidden in the workgroup spaces, mine was not shown.  Finding this was the last piece to my puzzle.  Really starting to see the power in this feature.  Very nice addition to the software!


Confirmed, it looks like it may not be added to custom workspaces and/or workspaces that were migrated from prior versions. If anyone else reading this is unable to find Cameramatch Mask or Cameramatch Shadow, you can edit your workspace and then you will find them under Tools and "All Tools" and you can add them to your workspace manually.


 Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.02.46 AM.png

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